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Business or pleasure, allow me to share some of my favorite picks to create from the beginning the right atmosphere for your visit.

Marco Giovanelli

Even at the beginning of a new decade, New York City still represents one of the favorite travel destinations for any kind of vacation with family, friends or a partner.

On top of that, if you are involved in the luxury market, regardless of the business field where your company is operating, you most likely will have to visit New York City soon, if you are not already based in the Big Apple!

Fashion, jewelry, traveling, real estate, fine food, I am lucky enough to run a consulting firm that supports with its services the most diverse clientele, and for each one of my clients, I select specific places where we can have a drink after a long day in the office working on business strategies.

Business or pleasure, allow me to share some of my favorite picks to create from the beginning the right atmosphere for your visit.


©Baccarat Hotel


Nothing says luxury like jewelry: sparkling, bright, exciting, all the characteristics you associate with a wonderful piece of jewelry have a direct connection with the designer you are working with; for this clientele, I recommend a place that is close enough to the Diamond District, that has a direct connection with wonderful vibrant details and that carries with its name a direct association with luxury; what best then that The Bar at the Baccarat Hotel. The decor is exquisite, the offer of classic and signature cocktails with house-made syrup and tinctures is extensive and the glass itself where the bartend will pour your drink is a wonderfully crafted creation; the atmosphere is relaxed, elegant and perfectly matching anyone's perception of the jewelry world.


New York City is undoubtedly one of the fashion capitals in the world, from the NY Fashion Week events to the shopping offer on Fifth Avenue, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make a difference need to visit the City that never sleeps. Even though you can find in almost any neighborhood in Manhattan a good choice for a relaxed drink, Soho still represents the downtown idea of “being cool and fashionable”, and when looking for a posh yet not loud place to sip and chat, The Pegu Club has been my choice for many years; not only the dim light and comfortable chairs will make you feel miles away from the frenetic Houston Street, but the details in mastering each one of the selected cocktails will definitely impress the most eccentric designer you are working with.


If I am working with someone who has been to a long list of countries and is constantly moving from place to place, I like to close a long day of work with a spot that represents itself the very own concept of traveling. 

The Campbell inside Grand Central station is a venue where you can find the most diverse crowd, from executives waiting for their train to commute home out of the city, to professionals ready to travel back after a productive visit; with a speakeasy feel, the atmosphere includes the quintessential qualities that define New York City. Classic cocktails, savory bites, no better place to share final impressions on a client project; sometimes place gets a little loud but, for those always traveling, nothing they are not already used to.




Going away with your partner is a great opportunity for you to build even more a close relationship with that special person who will see you move through the entire course of your life, and a visit to New York is for sure an experience that guarantees long-lasting memories.

At the same time, it will also make you walk distances that you would never imagine, stay in line for the longest time and find yourself surrounded by noise all the time.

At night, when the energies are low and the need for a quiet place very much welcomed, nothing better than sitting at a lovely romantic wine bar and sip some vino while sharing romantic memories of your life.

Bibi wine bar in the Lower East Side is a great gem hidden in the middle of the chaotic and busy nightlife on the east side of lower Manhattan. The place is lighted up with candles, the wine selection extensive, the level of noise very low and the cheese board is a great side to snack on for a night of long talking.


Yes, you might want to visit New York with your friends and still see the view from the top of the Empire State Building or walk through Central Park spotting celebrities while they are out jogging, but you will also want to find yourself living what the City is famous for its nightlife.

Opportunities to have a great time until dawn are countless, but if you are looking to live a bit through the prohibition area, then you should plan a visit, or two, to some of the best speakeasies in the country.

Stop by Duane Park for dinner with a magic or burlesque show, and don’t be afraid to wear your most creative outfit; after that, walk a bit to wear off that third Old Fashioned and reach the Back Room, where drinks are still served on teacups; enjoy the vibe coming from the piano and old sofas and let yourself free to dance and mix with others until is time to go back to the hotel and come back to the 2020, fun guaranteed! 


What a wonderful playground for your children New York is! 

An incredible amount of stores have a solution for your little ones while you shop, some others, like Camp, are purposely built to let them play all day with little or no shopping requested and with an ice cream museum with a permanent location even cultural facts are a pleasure to learn.

So no fun for the parents? Of course, there is a solution for everyone! 

A favorite is for sure Sarabeth’s in Tribeca where you can have your kids taste delicious pancakes while you enjoy a perfectly balanced Bloody Mary and sit in a bright venue conveniently located in one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in the City. 

Summarizing and selecting only few places in New York is not an easy job, and for sure one that can’t be successfully completed not even in a lifetime; I hope though that with this intimate and personally picked assortment, your next visit will bring positive results for your business and wonderful new memories with your close ones; see you at the bar!


Marco Giovanelli was born and raised in Italy, then learned how to build my own life path in New York City and fully appreciating being a citizen of the world; engineer and problem solver, eager learner and passionate about the good flavors of life, enjoying the wonder of discovering something new in any occasion. Owner of Giovanelli Consulting.

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