DEC 17 2019


Here are my suggestions to bring back those valuable elements that can make you feel a citizen of the world.

Marco Giovanelli

With the end of the month, we will enter not only into a new year but also into a new decade, the new ‘20s!

Many things changed during the years from the previous ‘20s (the 1920’s), and traveling is now very accessible to almost everyone, but somehow we forgot the very essence of this wonderful experience and ignore important details about it when visiting a new exciting location.

Let’s try to bring back those valuable elements that can really make you feel a citizen of the world; here is what I suggest.


Don’t ask for a Caesar salad (my dear American reader), or if in New York, don’t complain about garlic in the pizza sauce (my dear Italian reader)!

Don’t get me wrong, while traveling, it might feel very comforting to have a familiar flavor from home, and the options are often pretty convenient thanks to globalization, but if you made the effort to sit for 9 hours on a plane, don’t you think your taste buds should give a chance to the local restaurateurs to share with you those dishes they grew up with? I am not saying to completely abandon for a full week what you are used to having daily at home, but I do believe that to fully experience a complete traveling experience, trying the local food is the easiest, fastest and more interesting memory you can take home back with you.


When you are on vacation, you have the chance to avoid all the rush you have to deal with when at home with your daily life; when traveling with a partner, family or friends, truly value their company and take the time to fully be present when they talk to you; communicating with everybody around the globe is so easy these days, should it also listening to those next to you during this journey together? And remember, sometimes even silences are a great chance to connect to somebody special in your life.


Traveling to a new destination is a wonderful opportunity to see wonders spread around the world, appreciate a painting you always wanted to see since that art class in school, enjoy the view from the top of a famous building, relax and do snorkeling on a white sand beach. 

But traveling is also a great chance to see what locals do, how they interact during their life, how they shop, where they gather after work. A simple habit I have when visiting a new city is going to the closest grocery shop and just look at the brands they have, those I am not familiar with, and even those I know already; you never know what products they are selling locally and it will give you already a better sense of how they live! On a beach vacation? Walk a little further down the beach and try to see if any neighborhood a little more residential is there; enjoy the colors of the houses, look how they park the car, if possible, say hi, it never hurts, in any language a smile back always feels good. 

I find incredible value in small details I notice in new places I visit, and I treasure them more than any picture; try and see for yourself what I mean!

The ‘20s are now around the corner and with the possibilities we have available, we can still truly enjoy so much more during our vacation that I hope you will remember these simple suggestions during your next trip! Bon voyage. 


Marco Giovanelli was born and raised in Italy, then learned how to build my own life path in New York City and fully appreciating being a citizen of the world; engineer and problem solver, eager learner and passionate about the good flavors of life, enjoying the wonder of discovering something new in any occasion. Owner of Giovanelli Consulting.

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